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What We Do

We install, service and repair servers, workstations, networks, IP-PBX systems based on Asterisk* and remote video surveillance systems in the South Bay and Orange County area of Southern California.

Who We Are

We are professiona IT Consultants with more than 50 years of combined experience providing World Class customer service, project management and installation services for small businesses.

What We Offer

We leverage automation and our vast knowledgebase to offer a proactive and complete IT support solutions for less than the cost of a full time IT employee or department.

Our Philosophy

Your business is our business

We pride ourselves on ensuring your business is up and running in the most optimal fashion possible with the least amount of down time caused by user error, virus infection, network attacks, etc.

We act as if your business is our business. Our goal is for our fees to be effectively free to you as we make sure your business is up and running as smoothly as possible 24/7.


We know our stuff.

If you’ve ever had an “IT Guy” who spoke to you in a bunch of gibberish that made your eyes glaze over, we get it.

We hash out all the gibberish and present ideas to you in laymen’s terms in black and white with all associated costs. If we’re wrong on an estimate, most of the time, we just eat the cost.

Let us brainstorm and present you with ideas that allow your business to be run smoothly and more efficiently.

Our Process


Our intake process is simple:

  1. Thoroughly inventory your existing network/system
  2. Ensure you have a clean back up of your critical data systems
  3. Ensure you have a method to fail over in case of an immediate need to do so
  4. Ensure all technical devices connected to your network/system are protected by virus and malware software
  5. Ensure all technical devices are updated with the latest security patches as applicable
  6. Resolve all helpdesk tickets in a timely basis


Stay informed about latest tech news, support options and network security information.